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imani's original

The Beginning


Imani's Original is a family run corporation since 2005.  Our product is available in over 15 stores across the Chicago-land area. Shipping is available throughout the country.  We provide Original Bean Pies, Vegan Bean Pies, Original w/ our Homemade Cream Cheese Frosting & our new Groovy Granola.

While working on a home school project with her daughter to aid in her understanding of the health benefits of the navy bean, Imani's Original Bean Pies was born. When the pies were sold in a successful fundraiser for the home school known as Your Child Care, NFP, it proved to be a business that could benefit communities.





The bean pie is a creation born out of the  dietary code of the Nation of Islam led by The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. In his book, "How To Eat To Live," Mr. Muhammad outlined a detailed set of guidelines for eating, designed to improve health and prolong life.

Bean pies are traditionally made from navy beans. The beans are boiled until soft then pureed with milk, eggs, and sugar. Nutmeg and cinnamon are added to season the mixture. The bean puree is then poured into a pie crust then baked until the filling sets. The result is a flavorful and delicious pie with smooth filling.


These pies Are Sooooo [GOOD] . I love the cream cheese. [That] one is my favorite.

/  chef EDWARDO BEY  /


Owner and Chef,  Imani Muhammad

Her mission is to provide healthy alternatives to dessert. She puts her heart, soul, and most importantly, her family into her bean pies to bring you a sweet, delectable, and superb taste that will be sure to delight your stomach.


One [of] the Best Pies I have tasted .

/  ife johns  /